First Infant Milk From Birth

Mami infant formula is breastmilk substitute with unique blend of ingredients. Our unique formula provides all the nutrients necessary for infant growth and development. For babies who are combination or bottle-fed.

About Mami infant formula

Mami Infant Formula is nutritionally complete and is suitable for babies from birth and onwards.

Breast milk is the ideal source of nutrition for your baby. You can feel confident with our 100% notionally complete infant formula to nourish your baby if and chosen or necessary.

We love babies. That is why we do our best to be thoughtful in choosing the materials. Every Mami product is created with care – with unique formula to perform.

Mami, Mami Infant Formula 0-6 months -


  • DHA & ARA Helps to support brain and eye development. Mami infant formula contains the long chain omega fatty acids DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and ARA (arachidonic acid).
  • Gentle & Complete Mami Infant formula is developed for after the breast milk to help to support easy digestion of the baby. Mami Infant Formula contains Iron, Vitamin D3, Calcium, Choline, and Folic Acid.
  • Proven Nutritional Science Mami infant formula is scientifically research and scientifically complete. It makes sure that your baby receives all necessary nutrients that support growth and development.
  • Prebiotic FOS Helps to support digestion and immune function.
  • Infant Formula for baby’s first 6 months.
  • Quality Assurance The manufacturing facilities maintain a quality management system which includes food safety. All the facilities are certified for HACCP, and accredited for BRC and IFC. The license to produce infant- and baby foods is based on the requirements as laid down in European regulation No 853, 2004. The manufacturing facilities are approved by the Dutch Controlling Authority for Milk and Milk Products. Based on the approval the establishments are registered under approval number NL Z0238 EC, NL Z4056 EC, NL Z4057 EC.


Mami, Mami Infant Formula 0-6 months -


Mami, Mami Infant Formula 0-6 months -


  1. Thoroughly wash your hands before preparing the formula.
  2. Wash the bottle, teat and cap thoroughly and boil the utensils for at least 5-10 minutes.
  3. Boil fresh drinking water and cool it down to about 45 °C.
  4. Pour the correct amount of water into the sterilised bottle.
  5. Add the quantity of powder as indicated in the feeding table, by using the enclosed (level) scoop.
  6.  Close the bottle and shake well until the powder is completely dissolved.
  7. Check the temperature of the formula before feeding.

Storage instructions

Store at room temperature. After opening, keep the product covered and store in a dry area. Do not freeze and avoid exposure to excessive heat.

Caring Caution

Never use a microwave to prepare or warm formula. Serious burns may occur. Do not reuse the formula container, and do not use if inner or outer seal is damaged or missing.